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  • Masta Wu:

    that's no-no

  • Tablo:

    Giriboy come back to me

  • Giriboy:

    who's Swings? ...oh that pig

  • Iron:

    YDG pls love me

  • Rocksco:

    whatever I do is hip hop

  • B.I:

    ... have more money than my company

  • Bobby:

    fuck YG

  • YDG:


  • Yook Jidam:

    who is hip hop swag girl? me

  • San E:


  • Swings:


  • The Quiett:

    (when's the last time you cried?) when I was born

  • Dok2:

    turn up turn up turn up turn up turn up turn up turn up turn up turn up turn up turn up turn up!!!!!!!!!!!

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140822 DUCKLOUD TV Interview with Olltii

Olltii: Hello, I’m Olltii from ADV Crew. Nice to meet you!

Q: Your thoughts on SMTM3?

Olltii: I came out really big. Hahahah I came out really wide on that program.

Q: Olltii’s charm is?

Olltii: My eyebrows because they’re very dark.

Q: During SMTM3, was there anything that was out of context?

Olltii: There were parts where they edited scenes so that it looked like I was arrogant and had no manners, especially during the “rap games.” In reality, we’re having fun dissing and fooling around, but they would edit those parts out and leave in the parts where we’re looking serious and going at each other (which I felt could’ve been better), but I don’t feel like I was unfairly portrayed because we already signed the agreements so I’m fine with it.

Q: Your relationship with the contestants from SMTM3?

Olltii: There was a rap part where I would make fun of Bobby and B.I. During interviews, we would say how we should diss/tease each other since that’ll make it more entertaining, but those parts were all edited out. Even though I would get on the stage and say things like “Bobby Doll,” when I got off stage we would greet each other happily. What you see on stage is all for entertainment. Once we get off stage, we’re pretty close and can talk to each other comfortably.

Q: “TRIPLEROUND VOL.2” featured showcase?

Olltii: I already put out 2 singles, so I’ll probably be performing that too, along with the songs I performed on SMTM3. I’m planning on trying new things apart from the original sets that I usually perform.

Q: Any words for your  “TRIPLEROUND VOL.2” fans?

Olltii: Uh…..Heh…..For a second I thought this was the SMTM3 set so I almost said something inappropriate. There are people who know me and there are people who are meeting me for the first time, but I’m ready to make everyone my fans so I hope you keep an open mind and accept me. I will make everybody my fan!

[After the interview]

Olltii: Saturday, September 13 @ 6 (Galleria Centercity), Tripleround

I’ll see everyone there! Yay!

Trans cr: Grace @ fyolltii